Promoting conservation philanthropy and strategically directing resources to conservation organizations and initiatives 

Alaska Conservation Foundation closely monitors statewide conservation threats and works to protect the health, resilience, and connectivity of ecosystems and communities. We protect Alaska’s public lands and waters and build resilience to climate change by supporting grassroots advocacy, leading collaborative statewide climate change adaptation efforts and by continuing to strengthen Alaska’s conservation movement.

Supporting Grassroots Advocacy

As Alaska’s public lands are under continued political threat from industrial-scale mineral extraction – particularly in the Arctic, Bristol Bay and the Tongass – Alaska Conservation Foundation is funding grassroots efforts to protect these key areas. By strategically supporting organizations through grant awards, we are working to support the advocacy efforts of our partners who are working hard to protect Alaska’s public lands. Read more

Leading Collaborative Conservation Initiatives

Alaska Conservation Foundation helps coordinate a network of statewide climate change adaptation groups called Northern Latitudes Partnerships. These networks of federal, state, tribal, corporate and other regional players focus on developing collaborative community-supported solutions to issues brought about by our changing climate. To ensure an era of collective conservation arrives in Alaska, these partnerships aim to replicate the success of our long-running Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP). Read more

Strengthening Alaska’s Conservation Movement

To be effective, grassroots advocacy and collaborative conservation need a strong movement, which Alaska Conservation Foundation strives to make stronger by providing organizations around the state with training, facilitated meetings, interns, and funding through strategic grants. Read more