Alaska Conservation Foundation coordinates and funds statewide collaborative conservation 

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) are public-private partnerships of federal, state, tribal, academic, industry and other regional players that are focused on developing collaborative community-supported solutions to issues brought about by our changing climate. These networks develop solutions for managers, tribes and communities on a regional scale to adapt to the effects of climate change and other environmental threats. During the past year, Alaska Conservation Foundation has become a leading coordinator of Alaska’s LCCs. 

Alaska has five Landscape Conservation Cooperatives:




We are actively working to incorporate the ongoing efforts of our Sustainable Southeast Partnership, as well as elements of our Alaska Native Fund to guide the LCCs’ strategies and tactics and to ensure the work is culturally and environmentally sound. Learn more about Alaska’s Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.


Sustainable Southeast Partnership

Alaska’s Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska is the crown jewel of the national forest system, encompassing one of the most significant areas of coastal temperate rainforest remaining in the world. It is a land where the forest meets the sea—supporting abundant populations of fish and wildlife not found on a similar scale anywhere else in the country, and few places in the world. The people and communities in this region rely on the surrounding land and water for their livelihoods, recreation, food and culture.

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership is a diverse network working throughout the Tongass National Forest to protect wild salmon and wildlife populations, build resilience in the face of climate change, and support opportunities for economic, social and cultural vitality for the region. The bottom line for these solutions includes protection for the environment, seeking to avoid returning to the previous economy of federally-subsidized industrial-scale logging of the old growth forest.

Alaska Conservation Foundation is proud to be the primary funder of the Sustainable Southeast Partnership. Learn more.