Defending Alaska through strengthening the conservation movement

To defend and support Alaska, our conservation movement needs to be coordinated and efficient. Alaska Conservation Foundation recognizes this need and provides dialogues, trainings and strategic funding to strengthen the leadership base, encourage collaboration and help organizations navigate the changing political and economic climates. 

People are at the heart of the conservation movement in Alaska—passionate people who are working hard to protect the ecosystems that support Alaskan lives and economies. Alaska Conservation Foundation invests in conservation organizations and leaders in order to advance the movement toward collaborative, innovative problem-solving—with diverse voices at the table.

The primary aspects of our effort to strengthen the conservation movement:

Investing in the Future – Grantmaking

Our grantmaking seeks to build the influence of Alaska’s conservation movement, focusing upon long-term, enduring solutions that create more robust environmental policy and protections. 

Conservation Internship Program

The Ted Smith Conservation Internship Program develops the next generation of Alaska’s conservation leaders while simultaneously increasing the capacity of Alaska’s conservation organizations. 

Conservation Achievement Awards

Alaska Conservation Foundation annually presents Conservation Achievement Awards to honor dedicated individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the Alaska conservation movement.