The most widely chosen method of leaving a legacy gift is to remember Alaska Conservation Foundation in a will or living trust. Alaska  Conservation Foundation strives to make the planning process as easy as possible, and offers several ways to leave a bequest:

  • You can define a specific dollar amount
  • You can specify a percentage of your overall estate
  • You can leave the residual amount of your estate after all other specific bequests and obligations are met
  • You can name ACF as a contingent beneficiary, having assets pass to the Foundation if another beneficiary should not survive you
  • You can leave a particular asset such as securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement account or valuable personal property

Your bequest to Alaska Conservation Foundation, in addition to helping to keep Alaska wild, also qualifies for a range of tax benefits depending upon the nature of the assets that you donate as well as the size and complexity of your estate. In most cases, if your estate is subject to estate taxes, your estate can benefit from an estate tax deduction. If you are transferring IRA or retirement plan assets to Alaska Conservation Foundation, your estate may be able to benefit from income tax savings. Please contact your financial advisor or attorney for more information.

Special considerations with real estate

If you are planning to bequest real estate to Alaska Conservation Foundation, it is important to discuss your intent with us as well as legal and financial advisors in advance. Depending upon such factors as location of the property, complexity of managing the property, taxes and other costs, we may or may not be able to accept all gifts of real estate. If you wish to establish environmental protections for your real estate, we can help locate a land trust in your community to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Legal designation for Alaska Conservation Foundation

If you are drafting your will or living trust and wish to include a bequest to Alaska Conservation Foundation, consult with your family and legal and financial advisors to ensure that all concerns are addressed.

If you already have a will, you may add a bequest to Alaska Conservation Foundation by having your attorney draft a codicil to your existing will. Provide your attorney with the wording below to establish an unrestricted bequest to Alaska Conservation Foundation for its conservation programs and operations. If your bequest is sufficient in size to establish a named endowment fund, our staff and legal advisor can also recommend wording to you and your attorney to aid in defining your charitable intentions.

I (we) give, devise, and bequeath _________ [specific asset, lump sum, or residual percentage] to the Alaska Conservation Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska, to be used for its charitable purposes [or describe specific purposes if so desired], which includes protecting the integrity of Alaska’s ecosystems and promoting sustainable livelihoods for Alaska’s communities and people.

Before finalizing any bequest please consult with us and your professional advisors to ensure that we can carry out your charitable intentions and can say thank you (such discussions are kept strictly confidential).

Please view this document for additional bequest language suggestions.


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