A Revolutionary Report Lays Groundwork for Energy Efficiency


The Railbelt Energy Efficiency Landscape in Alaska Roadmap (REEL) demonstrates how Alaskans in the “railbelt” region–an area with 70% of the state population encompassing Homer to Fairbanks–can attain 50% energy efficiency gains over year 2000 levels by 2025.  

It’s release earlier this year led to the Alaska Legislature passing legislation for 15% energy efficiency gains per capita by 2020, creation of a $250 million revolving loan fund to retrofit public buildings for efficiency, and a mandate for 25% of state buildings to be retrofit for efficiency by 2020, prioritizing the largest buildings first. 


With funding from Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF), the Alaska Conservation Alliance (ACA) engaged Natural Capitalism Solutions to prepare the REEL report. No previous study had ever taken such a comprehensive approach to show how a region can reduce its electrical demand while also maintaining its quality of life.  This roadmap sets a standard to be emulated by the rest of the world, in ways that will provide an important foundation for the transition to clean, renewable energy that protects and preserves natural resources. 


  • Alaska Conservation Alliance


  • ACF awarded $37,000 for this project.