Roles and Responsibilities

Intern Responsibilities

  • Commit to work at the host organization for the duration of the twelve week internship and fulfill internship responsibilities as determined by the host organization
  • Participate in ACF sponsored intern activities and help ACF communicate about the Conservation Internship Program
  • Complete a final evaluation for ACF at the conclusion of the internship
  • If applicable, arrange course credit with college or university
  • Have fun and enjoy one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Host Organization Responsibilities

The host organization, not ACF, is the employer of the intern and carries all responsibility for the intern’s employment.

Host organizations will provide the intern with:

  • Relevant work, professional development and educational opportunities
  • A work plan including specific goals, tasks and dates
  • Appropriate work space and equipment
  • An orientation, as needed, to help the intern learn about his/her position, the organization and the community
  • Networking opportunities with staff, Alaska conservationists, civic leaders, community members and other interns
  • Active mentorship – both while the intern is with the host organization and ideally beyond
  • Regular constructive feedback regarding the intern’s work and progress
  • If possible, fieldwork experiences to ensure that the intern feels connected to the organization’s mission
  • To the extent possible, experiences orienting the intern to the perspectives of Alaska’s diverse populations that engage with conservation and sustainability issues including Alaska Native Tribes and commercial fishermen/women

Host organizations will also:

  • Cover overhead expenses (other than the funding that ACF provides for intern salaries and initial travel) related to the internship (i.e. the employer’s share of social security, Medicare, unemployment taxes, etc)
  • Work with ACF to create a job description for recruiting applicants
  • Help to identify low-cost temporary housing and suggestions for local modes of transportation for the intern prior to his/her arrival at the host organization
  • If needed, pick the intern up at the airport upon his/her arrival
  • Keep ACF informed of the intern’s work and any challenges or other issues relating to the intern
  • Complete a final evaluation for ACF at the conclusion of the internship

ACF Responsibilities

  • Reach out to colleges, universities and other organizations to recruit applicants for internship assignments
  • Provide grants to the host organizations for intern stipends and travel expenses
  • Respond to inquiries about the Conservation Internship Program
  • Work with each host organization to create an internship job description
  • Receive and compile internship applications and assist with the application review process
  • Serve as a helpful resource for the intern and the host organization
  • Facilitate formal and informal opportunities for interns to meet and learn
  • Fundraise to ensure the continued existence of the Conservation Internship Program