Learn what inspires some of our most dedicated supporters

Dorene Schiro

Marin County, California

I grew up in a remote Arctic village in Alaska where most of our food and even essential supplies came from the land. I learned how to make berry baskets from Clara Lee who was an esteemed basket maker from the region. My father made my backpack frame from wood we harvested, while I sewed the canvas pack. The picture to the right is of me picking berries in the Kobuk Valley with my basket and backpack, circa 1969.

From those years, I also learned that the environment must not be overstressed to provide food for our community, and a healthy place to live. For those of us who care about Alaska conservation issues but who might not know which of the many conservation organizations around the state to support—or where our gift could have the greatest impact—Alaska Conservation Foundation is a vital partner. As their name implies, Alaska Conservation Foundation is the foundation for conservation in Alaska, they have a statewide perspective of the critical work happening, and the ability to advise donors on current issues and those that align with their interests. I feel very fortunate and honored to be a donor to, and a former Trustee of, Alaska Conservation Foundation.

While I no longer live in Alaska, my heart is still there. I understand the environmental challenges facing it from a deep, intrinsic level and feel an urgent need to do whatever I can to protect it. Alaska Conservation Foundation is a vehicle for enabling me to do that.

Lisa Lang, Alaska Conservation Foundation Trustee

Hydaburg, Alaska

As an Alaska Native woman who lives in a rural community in Southeast Alaska, I believe this year is an especially crucial time to maintain my support of our homelands and protect her as the glorious part of Mother Earth that she is. The numerous attacks by the current administration require us to collectively hold hands with the disenchanted masses. If we stand together for Alaska, we are hard to beat. We have a responsibility to our future generations and I take that responsibility seriously.

The Alaska Native community’s voice is underrepresented in most organizations. Serving on Alaska Conservation Foundation’s board is an honor and a privilege that comes with a responsibility to navigate the very foreign world of a conservation organization. I serve as a vehicle to inform my fellow Trustees about rural Alaskan villages and to share our unique view of conservation. My fellow Trustees, Michelle Ravenmoon and Dorothy Larson add additional Native perspectives. I am proud to let the world know it is my pledge to do what I can to preserve our resources so that our children’s children will have clean water to drink, fish to eat and fresh air to breathe.

This may be the most important time in the history of the organization to support Alaska Conservation Foundation. It will take a collective effort to adequately fund programs aimed at addressing climate change, saving public lands and implementing true sustainable and ecological-based economies in Alaska. I urge you to join us.

Alaska Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax identification number is 92-0061466.