Progress Made in Battling the Offshore Drilling Threat

Deeming “Bristol Bay” a National Treasure

ACF grantee the Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) has been tackling the offshore drilling threat in Bristol Bay and the southeast Bering Sea for the past 7 years.  In 2003, ACF helped AMCC start the “Friends of Bristol Bay” program when the long-standing congressional moratorium on drilling in the region was in the process of being lifted.

Since then, AMCC has continued a leadership role on the issue working closely with commercial fishing, Alaska Native and conservation partners.  Their efforts led to a tremendous victory in March 2010, when the Obama administration deemed Bristol Bay “a national treasure,” cancelled pending offshore oil and gas lease sales and put in place executive protection for the region until 2017.

While an important success, this protection is only temporary and history shows the drive to drill in the region will continue. AMCC and partners are working to secure the permanent protection solution needed to keep our nation’s wild fisheries stronghold free from rigs, spills, and potential blowouts. For more information visit AMCC website.