Applicants compete for internship positions at organizations (referred to as host organizations) involved with environmental justice, habitat protection, advocacy, conservation biology, energy, policy implementation, marine conservation, environmental/resource management, and wildlife and endangered species protection.

Host organizations can be non-profit organizations, Alaska Native organizations or government agencies that have identified internship assignments complementing ACF’s mission, values, and goals.

The specific responsibilities of each internship position are determined by the host organization in consultation with ACF.  ACF works with host organizations to ensure that internship assignments offer opportunities for students to learn and contribute to Alaska conservation in a direct and meaningful way.


Internships are 12 or 24 weeks in duration. They typically take place in the summer and commence in May or June, although exact dates are negotiated between successful applicants and host organizations.

Financial Support

ACF provides a stipend of approximately $4,000 for the 12-week internships, and $8,000 for the 24-week internships.  This amount is provided directly to the host organization in the form of a grant and it is in turn paid to the intern as taxable salary.

ACF will also cover up to $1,000 in travel expenses for interns to and from their school or home to their host organizations’ locations in Alaska.  For interns able to attend the in-person orientation in Anchorage in July, ACF will cover the expenses of the travel to and from the host organizations that are not located in Anchorage.

Course Credit

Interns need to coordinate directly with their universities to obtain course credit for their work.


Internship opportunities for 2012 are filled.