Alaska Conservation Foundation – A powerful force protecting Alaska for over 35 Years

Building Support

Founded in 1980, the Alaska Conservation Foundation is the only public foundation dedicated to conservation in Alaska, connecting thousands of committed donors and businesses worldwide with more than a hundred grassroots conservation organizations in Alaska.

Investing for the Future

Mount Spurr ©Carl Battreal

ACF serves as funder and supportive resource for a diverse community of nonprofits working to protect and wisely manage Alaska’s natural resources. Over the last four decades, ACF has awarded more than $52 million in grants to hundreds of Alaskan organizations and individuals. Through strategic funding, ACF supports Alaska’s most critical issues, fosters problem solving and innovation, and protects Alaska’s incredible yet vulnerable ecosystems, communities and economies.

  • Issues
    ACF has been at the center of many successful environmental initiatives since its inception, including the long standing protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Today, ACF provides leadership and coordination expertise to Alaska’s most critical conservation issues including: Arctic, Bristol Bay, Climate and Energy, Tongass and Oceans.
  • Advancing the Movement
    In recent years, the political and economic landscapes have shifted, threatening the viability of many of Alaska’s conservation organizations. ACF continues to invest in today’s conservation leaders and organizations by providing intensive training and coaching, and a forum for dialogue to advance our common goals. ACF’s vision is a strong, vibrant conservation movement marked by cultivated leadership, effective organizations and diverse networks leveraging our collective power to make change.

How You Can Help!

With your help we can shape our collective future for Alaska.  ACF provides you with a way to have a voice in what and how it happens!  Support ACF today.

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