A New Campaign Enlists Citizens to Keep Alaska’s Coal in the Ground


“There Oughta Be a Law Campaign”  launched earlier this year to respond to the threat of the Chuitna coal strip mine proposal.  The campaign is working to make strip mining through salmon breeding habitat illegal.  To gain public support, the campaign launched a website:  obviouslaw.org  to collect signatures on a petition and is conducting extensive outreach to inform the public of the proposed project. 


With support from ACF, the Chuitna Citizens Coalition (CCC), a group of concerned citizens in the remote community of Beluga, Alaska, have been leading the charge to oppose the Chuitna coal strip mine. This project conceived by Texas billionaires would destroy over 30 square miles of salmon streams just 45 miles west of Anchorage to export 300 million metric tons of coal to Asian markets.  This would be the first time that strip mining through active salmon breeding habitat has ever been permitted in Alaska.  


  • Chuitna Citizens Coalition


  • ACF awarded $17,200 for this project.