Alaska Conservation Foundation employs sustainable business practices in our day to day operations

Sustainability commitment 

As a Green Star award recipient for many years, we have adopted the following policy to guide our operations:

Our policy is to improve environmental quality through wise business decisions. These include conserving energy, reducing or eliminating waste, recycling, and properly disposing of remaining waste. We believe that our responsibility to prevent pollution is compatible with successful business objectives. Improving our productivity, efficiency, and materials handling requires regular review of operations. Our organization is actively working to achieve and maintain Green Star Standards and to be a model for other organizations and our community.

Sustainable operations

Alaska Conservation Foundation promotes sustainable business operations to reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Promoting sustainable modes of commuting to work by covering employee costs associated with biking, walking, and taking public transportation;
  • Maintaining an extensive office recycling program that includes all items that can be recycled in the Municipality of Anchorage including mixed paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tin cans and metal;
  • Maintaining an e-waste and toxics recycling program including all computer and peripheral equipment;
  • Purchasing used office furniture and equipment and donating unnecessary items;
  • Using recycled content paper and making double-sided copies of documents;
  • Taking advantage of natural light and keeping the lights off when not needed; and
  • Promoting employee participation in programs like Clean Up and Bike to Work Week, and more!