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Today, November 27th, please consider making a special gift to Alaska Conservation Foundation to support our work to protect Alaska. 

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As you know, with its vast mountain ranges, rugged coasts, and prolific wildlife, Alaska is one of the world’s last places with a staggering diversity of intact wild ecosystems. In the Arctic, immense herds of caribou migrate to the coast to give birth and raise their young. In Bristol Bay, the world’s largest run of sockeye salmon spawns every year. In the Tongass National Forest, the planet’s largest stands of old-growth temperate rainforest are home to some of the world’s highest densities of bald eagles and both brown and black bears. Alaska’s nutrient-rich seas feed an array of birds and marine mammals, including whales that migrate from as far away as Mexico and Hawaii. But Alaska is not only special for its abundance of wildlife but also for the diverse makeup of people who rely upon the land from Native communities deeply entrenched in the ebbs and flows from the land to first generation Alaskans from far off lands. We are working together to ensure that its wild spaces remain intact. We need your help this year to ensure the future of “our Alaska” remains the Alaska we foresee for our future generations.