REAP Forum: Winterize Your Home Efficiently – Nov 10

Get  your home ready for winter!  Join Michelle Wilber, REAP’s Energy Efficiency Coordinator, for REAP’s Forum “Winterizing Your Home: Energy Efficiency Tips for Cutting Energy Bills” on November 10, 2010 at the Anchorage Museum, 6 pm.  Attendance is free.
Michelle will share tips on home energy efficiency and tales from her two-year experience transforming her 1960 Anchorage fourplex from a 3-star energy hog to a 5-star energy miser.  Get the basics of winterizing your home, including when and how to add insulation, replacing energy inefficient lighting & appliances, installing low-flow device on faucets, and ways to finance these upgrades. 
For more information visit REAP online at, or call 929.7770.  A live podcast will also be available.