Mission and Values  


Alaska Conservation Foundation envisions an inspiring Alaska that is naturally thriving, biologically and culturally diverse, rich in wildlands, bountiful in terrestrial and marine life, sustainable in its economic development and thoughtfully protected—forever.


Anemone Narcissiflora ©Stacy Studebaker

Anemone Narcissiflora ©Stacy Studebaker

Alaska Conservation Foundation protects Alaska’s natural environment and the diverse cultures and ways of life it sustains. We do this by promoting conservation philanthropy and by strategically directing resources to conservation leaders, organizations, and initiatives.


  • Passion for Alaska, the Great Land.
  • Focus on Alaska’s central environmental issues.
  • Respect for people, cultures and environment.
  • Innovation in shaping a future for Alaska.
  • Resilience in meeting challenges and opportunities.
  • Integrity in who we are and how we work.