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Your support helps address Alaska’s conservation priorities

Founded in 1980, Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) is the only foundation in the country focused solely on Alaska conservation. With the help of our supporters around the country, more than $52 million in strategic investments have been made across the state to protect some of the last remaining globally significant habitats left in the world.

For nearly four decades, ACF, our partners and our dedicated supporters have successfully defended Alaska time and again. Under our collective watch: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has not been opened to oil and gas development, Pebble Mine has not been built in the Bristol Bay watershed and industrial-scale logging of old-growth forests in the Tongass National Forest has decreased significantly.

Prince William Sound ©Damion Brook Kintz

Prince William Sound ©Damion Brook Kintz

Grantmaking for Results

To achieve the greatest impact, ACF monitors the entire Alaska conservation landscape to learn what the greatest threats and opportunities are across the state and which need our leadership and support. We understand and navigate the constantly changing economic and political landscape in which we work.

Beginning in 2009, ACF undertook an evaluation of our grantmaking programs. The process incorporated input from Alaska conservation leaders, best practices in philanthropy and current research on nonprofit sustainability. A central part was to articulate a Theory of Change to guide our conservation work, providing focused priorities and improved approach for evaluating the Foundation’s effectiveness.

The result…a new grantmaking direction that allows your support to have an even larger impact. Our grantmaking seeks to build the influence of Alaska’s conservation movement, focusing upon long-term, enduring solutions that create more robust environmental policy and protections. Only by building a movement that supports better environmental policy can we achieve the enduring conservation protection warranted by the magnificence of Alaska.

Your Support = More Grantmaking

Your support assists ACF in administering the following grant programs in order to build Alaska’s conservation movement.

  • Alaska Native Fund: Established in partnership between ACF and an Alaska Native Fund Steering Committee, this is an innovative grant program that supports Alaska Native organizations and individuals in seeking solutions to the environmental issues facing their communities. Grants support projects that elevate Indigenous Knowledge to address food security, sustainable economic development, alternative energy solutions, environmental health, and climate change.
  • Ted Smith Conservation Internship Program: The primary goal of the Ted Smith CIP is to help strengthen Alaska’s conservation movement by developing the next generation of Alaska’s conservation leaders while simultaneously increasing the capacity of Alaska’s conservation organizations.  The program provides paid internship experiences to undergraduate and graduate students who plan a career in conservation, environmental justice or another closely related field and are willing to make a long-term commitment to preserving and protecting Alaska’s pristine environment and diverse cultures.
  • Rapid Response Grants: The only one of its kind in Alaska. It gives groups a way to respond quickly to fast-breaking, unforeseen Alaska environmental issues of statewide and/or national significance. Often, a controversy breaks into public view at the last minute, since the proponents of damaging initiatives know that restricting public attention improves their odds of success. These grants are awarded through an expedited review process.
  • Watchable Wildlife Conservation Trust Grants: The Watchable Wildlife Conservation Trust was established in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Grants are awarded for projects that emphasize non-consumptive use of wildlife, expand wildlife conservation efforts, and broaden public support for conserving Alaska’s wildlife resources.
  • Donor Advised and Restricted Grants: ACF offers you a way to give money directly to a particular group or issue that you care about. Donor advised funds may or may not be permanently endowed.

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