Advancing the Movement  

ACF advances the movement by supporting effective leadership, innovation and diverse networks

People are at the heart of the conservation movement in Alaska—passionate people who are working hard to protect the ecosystems that support Alaskan lives and economies. Through the Community Capacity initiatives, Alaska Conservation Foundation is investing in people in order to advance the movement toward collaborative, innovative problem solving—with diverse voices at the table.

The Threat: A Shifting Landscape

Sandhill cranes ©John Schoen

Sandhill Cranes ©John Schoen

In recent years political and economic landscapes have shifted, threatening the continued viability of many of Alaska’s conservation organizations.

Bad economic times have increased the pressure for more development of Alaska’s non-renewable resources, regardless of the environmental cost. And as that demand grows, so does the amount of money being spent by multinational corporations to promote resource development. Meanwhile, Alaska conservation organizations have been challenged to gain public support, build capacity and raise critical funding.

Investing in leadership and capacity is the most critical need for most nonprofits. Yet, it is often overlooked.

A New Era: Building Community Capacity

ACF’s Community Capacity initiatives are designed to advance and inspire the Alaska conservation movement by supporting dialogues and trainings and providing strategic funding to strengthen the movement’s leadership base.

ACF’s vision is a sustainable conservation movement marked by effective leaders, innovative organizations and diverse networks that can be leveraged to solve our state’s critical conservation issues.  Today’s initiatives include:

  • Cultivating Leaders
  • Strengthening Grassroots Advocacy
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Supporting Diverse Voices

You Can Help!

By donating today, you help ensure Alaska’s leaders and organizations are strong and well positioned to protect the ecosystems that support the state’s economies and communities today and tomorrow.


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