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Put your stock proceeds to work protecting Alaska’s environment

Gifts of appreciated stock or other securities you have held for at least one year can be contributed to Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF).  Donating stock to ACF is straightforward, usually involving a wire transfer of shares from your brokerage account into ACF’s brokerage account. Steps for donating stock:

©Wayde Carroll

©Wayde Carroll

  • Contact ACF’s Development office at 907-276-1917 or In order to ensure that ACF is able to accept your gift, please provide the following information:  1) your intent to make a gift of stock; 2) the nature of the transfer you are considering; and 3) the purpose of the gift (unrestricted gift or designated). ACF will provide you with the information you and your broker or financial representative will need to execute the wire transfer. If you plan on making a transfer of paper stock certificates, mutual fund shares, or closely held stock in your privately held company, ACF will provide you with special instructions and information.
  • Contact your broker or other financial representative. Provide your broker with the wire transfer instructions and contact information that ACF has provided to you. Be sure to copy ACF’s Development office on your correspondence and let us know when the transfer is being made so that we can ensure a timely transfer of the stock and ideally achieve the optimum market value.
  • Claim your tax benefits.  Your financial or tax advisor can assist you in determining the appropriate value of your stock, and advise you on how to claim your tax benefit. 
  • Keep your ACF thank you letter.  ACF will send you a thank you letter for your gift confirming the number of shares and value.

For more information or to initiate a gift of stock, bonds or other securities, consult with your financial advisor.

The information provided on this website is for general educational and public benefit purposes. Concepts described are effective only when used as part of an overall, carefully considered estate and financial plan. Inappropriate application of these concepts can have negative consequences. Anyone viewing this material is strongly encouraged to seek counsel from a qualified legal, accounting, and/or financial advisor prior to applying any of the information and ideas presented within these web pages to his or her own particular situation.

Alaska Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution to ACF may qualify for a tax deduction based on your individual circumstance. ACF’s tax identification number is 92-0061466.

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