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Contributed by Kirk Hoessle, Alaska Wildland Adventures

Kirk Hoessle

Kirk Hoessle

If you’re involved in a business, each year your accountant produces a financial statement to evaluate it, which includes assets like cash in the bank. But for those of us involved in Alaska tour­ism—whether we lead small ecotourism expeditions or operate mega cruise ships—it misses our most important asset: Wild Alaska. At Alaska Wildland Adventures, we’ve always known that Alaska’s wildness is what sets us apart from other destinations; it’s responsible for attracting almost 2 million visitors that spend upwards of $2 billion annually. Who would have thought that by setting aside pub­lic lands as forests, parks and refuges we’d be able to support a thriving alternative form of economic development to destructive resource extraction?

That’s why AWA supports conservation efforts, and Alaska Conservation Foundation. ACF has a long history of funding many worthy projects statewide, including in areas where we operate. In addition to providing our own financial and in-kind support directly, another way AWA is able to leverage support for ACF and our other local conserva­tion groups is by serving as an ambassador. We encourage guests to our lodges to consider contributing $2 for conservation, for each day of their vacation, to help protect for the future what they’ve been able to experience today. We in turn ensure these funds get deployed to our trusted conservation allies to carry out their important work to protect our most important asset of all—Wild Alaska.

Please support the ecotourism businesses that support ACF and our partners. For more information about Alaska Wildland Adventures, visit And to learn more about becoming a business donor, click here.

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