Suggested Reading  

Interested in learning about the conservation movement in Alaska?  Check out these books!

Aurora ©Tom Collopy

  • Tales of Alaska’s Bush Rat Governor: The Extraordinary Autobiography of Jay Hammond, Wilderness Guide and Reluctant Politician
    By Jay Hammond
    Contains an interesting section on the politics of Rampart Dam and a humorous inside look at politics in the state of Alaska.
  • Midnight Wilderness: Journeys in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
    By Debbie Miller
    A brilliant look at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the importance of protecting such a place.
  • Two in the Far North
    By Mardy Murie
    A superb book on the life and travels of Mardy Murie.
  • The Firecracker Boys
    By Dan O’Neill
    Contains an impressive and in-depth account of Project Chariot.
  • Boots, Bikes, and Bombers
    By Ginny Hill Wood
    An intimate biography of Ginny Hill Wood, a pioneering Alaska conservationist,  outdoorswoman and one of the founders of Alaska Conservation Foundation.
  • Early Warming
    By Nancy Lord
    A look at how communities in the north—where global warming is amplified and climate-change effects are most immediate—are responding with desperation and creativity.


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