Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge  

  • Size: 730,000 acres
  • Established: 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

This Refuge, in the Upper Tanana River Valley, protects an important flight corridor for migratory birds. Like much of Alaska’s interior, it has a mix of forest, tundra and wetlands that support a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Some snow-covered peaks in the Mentasta Mountains rise over 8,000 feet, but most of the Refuge is low rolling terrain.

Located where the Alaska Highway comes into the state from Canada, the area had been one of the most isolated parts of the state, without significant western contact until Lt. Henry Allen’s exploratory mission came north through the coastal mountains in 1885.

Three different caribou herds graze on the refuge. It also supports runs of humpback whitefish, which is an important food source for local Natives.

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