Innoko National Wildlife Refuge  

  • Size: 3.85 million acres
  • Established: 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

Located in Interior Alaska, southwest of Fairbanks and northwest of Anchorage, the Innoko Refuge is known for its human history as well as its wildlife.

About half the Refuge is wetlands, lakes, ponds and marshes that are perfect feeding grounds for thousands of waterfowl. Some 130 species of birds are found in the refuge. The other half of the Innoko is low hilly country, including areas that saw a gold rush in the early 1900s. A remnant of that era, the famed Iditarod Trail, connected once-booming gold rush towns like Flat, Ophir and Iditarod.

Abundant fish, moose, beaver and wild game in the area made it attractive territory for local Indians, and the Refuge helps sustain the lives and cultures of several Athabascan villages.

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