National Parks  

Alaska has 15 national parks.  Explore them now!

Most everybody has heard of Denali, Alaska’s iconic national park, home of Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America. It’s the most famous national park in Alaska, but there are 14 others, each outstanding in its own way. Take for example, Katmai National Park, which is the site of the continent’s largest recorded volcanic eruption!

Alaska’s parks range in size from the enormous (Wrangell-St. Elias, six times as big as Yellowstone) to tiny (Sitka’s National Historic Park, just 113 acres). All told, Alaska boasts two-thirds of all land in the national park system. Some of Alaska’s parks date from the early 1900s but most were established by the 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, the largest park and land protection measure in the nation’s history. 

Find out here what makes Alaska’s parks such a gift for all of us today and for generations to come.

Map of Alaska National Parks.



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