Cultivating Leaders  

Effective people produce results, and promising and proven leaders need support to sustain their impact.

This section includes opportunities and resources for emerging and current conservation leaders, ranging from interns to Executive Directors.


  • Director’s Roundtable: ACF has launched this cohort model of learning for Executive Directors. Roundtables will address how factors like technology, nonprofit-for profit partnerships, restructuring, changing demographics, and new ways of organizing may impact their work.
  • Conservation Intern Program: ACF is proud to support this effort to grow the Alaska conservation movement! Emerging leaders gain inspiration and on-the-job training while providing much-needed capacity to select organizations each year.


  • Transition and Succession:  An executive transition, if not well-planned, can cost an organization time, money, and reputation. These tools focus on proactive transition/succession planning.
  1. CompassPoint Executive Transitions
  2. Building Leaderful Organizations-Guide to Effective Succession Planning
  3. Bridgespan Group Executive Recruiting Tools
  • Managing and Leading Others: Being able to lead and manage others effectively leads to a more productive organization and increased Femployee retention.
  1. Bridgespan Group Leadership Priorities
  2. Free Management Library’s Selected Competencies for Effective Leadership of Organizations
  • Professional Development: Leaders need to constantly develop and hone their skills. These organizations provide training and support for Executive Directors and emerging leaders alike.
  1. Foraker Group Certificate in Nonprofit Management
  2. Institute for Conservation Leadership Executive Director Leadership Program
  3. Rockwood Leadership Institute
  4. Center for Creative Leadership
  5. Alaska Women’s Environmental Network Mentoring Program
  6. Leadership Anchorage Program of Alaska Humanities Forum

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