Fostering Collaboration  

ACF assists Alaska conservation organizations in pursuing coordinated strategies that maximize their collective power for success!

Alaska Native Fund Program Releases 2014 Gathering Report

In addition to grantmaking, the ANF program hosts The Gathering every other year to bring the program’s grantees, funder representatives, and partners together and increase their collective capacity and advance the movement. The theme in 2014, selected by the Alaska Native Fund Steering Committee, was Honoring Katie John, Philanthropy & Subsistence. The goals of the Gathering are:

1) To provide a forum for Alaska Native leaders to discuss environmental issues emerging from ANF grant proposals, that pose a significant threat to Indigenous cultures and ways of life;

2) To provide an opportunity for foundations investing in these issues to build understanding of Indigenous perspectives, organizations, and strategies; and

3) To offer training and resources for Alaska Native organizations in foundation relations and fundraising, while supporting critical collective capacity needs (e.g. grant writing and project management workshops, facilitating cross cultural understanding for western funders and partners).

To view the 2014 Gathering Report, please click here.

Forum: Collaborating in the New Economy (July 2011)

Black bear and bald Eagle in the Tongass ©USFS

In a time of fewer resources and greater demand, organizations need to work together more effectively. ACF, working with Institute for Conservation Leadership, Foraker Group, and others, will present a one-day forum on the subject of collaboration, with examples of how it’s being done elsewhere and discussion about ways Alaska conservation groups can build new, more powerful partnerships.