Dan Cohn, CA

“Alaska is unique in many ways–its size, the wealth of its resources (animal, plant and mineral) and its place in our nation and the world’s imagination. As a result, the importance of the conservation/environmental battles are magnified. ACF is at the forefront of these battles which it approaches with the hope of building consensus and eventually a conservation majority in Alaska. Lots of bang for my philanthropic buck.”

Alaska Wildberries

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Sue Mauger, AK
ACF Grantee and Host Organization Cook Inletkeeper

“We had a number of new or undeveloped programs going on [last] summer which required additional staff resources beyond our two full-time monitoring staff. We would not have been able to complete all of these projects and achieve the level of success that we did without an ACF intern. In particular, [our intern] possessed strong organizational skills, a willingness to lead and an affinity for field work that increased our effectiveness and capacity. [She] was also a wonderful ambassador for our organization.”

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Nancy Lord, AK
ACF Board of Trustees

“I live here, and I’m well aware of Alaska’s resource wealth and the forces that are always and forever eager to exploit it.  The lands, waters, wildlife, and our human communities that depend on a healthy environment all need us to speak up for their worth.  There are few places left in the world with such intact ecosystems–so essential for their biological and cultural diversity and, now, for resilience to climate change.

I volunteered with grassroots Alaska conservation groups for years and years–for the last thirty years with the support of ACF.  I know how essential ACF has been to the conservation movement.  Now that I’m serving on the board I’m honored to be able to contribute to that success.  The challenges are many and increasing, and ACF is here for the long-run.”

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